Can You Eat Green Tea Leaves?

I drink a lot of green tea for two reasons.  First it is delicious and second it is good for you.  So when I came across the Website,, I was intrigued to find out that they claim that eating just 1 teaspoon of their edible organic green tea leaves is equivalent to drinking 30 cups of brewed tea.

A lot of research has been done on the benefits of drinking green tea.  Generally most articles recommend three to five cups a day to reap not only the health benefits of green tea but also the weight loss benefits.

So the question is, if drinking green tea is good for you is it better to eat green tea?

The process of steeping green tea in water releases the catechins from the leaves.  It does not however release them all.  If you re-steep each leaf three time, you will likely get most out but not all.  So common sense would tell you that if you eat green tea you will get all of the catechins that are in each leaf.

If you subscribe to this logic, and I tend to lean that way, the next question is, how do you eat green tea leaves.

There are many recipes out there that help you eat green tea leaves.  You can sprinkle chopped leaves on your mashed potatoes, roast potatoes with green tea leaves or add Matcha green tea to ice cream or smoothies.  The possibilities are endless.  There is a great book called Cooking with Green Tea: Delicious dishes enhanced by the miraculous healing powers of green tea that gives you a lot of different ways to eat green tea.

If you choose to eat green tea leaves then you should look for an organic food grade tea.  The folks at sell some high quality food grade tea. Check it out.

While I will continue to get my daily dose of green tea from my iced green tea, I have ordered the cookbook and will be buying some food grade organic green tea to get even more health benefits out of natures perfect leaf.

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